Nerium International Featured in YouEconomy

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The 9-to-5 office jobs are becoming a thing of the past as more and more people take control of their future. Those that were once confined to a cubicle are now using the world as their office. It’s a new way to work and a better way to live, and it all starts with YOU!

That’s the message inside YouEconomy, a publication highlighting the movement that is changing the economic landscape and providing freedom, flexibility and financial security to people all over the globe.

This one-time publication is an ideal third-party prospecting tool to share the Nerium Opportunity. It’s perfect for showing prospects how Nerium offers the dynamic of working for yourself, creating your own schedule, living the way you want, and earning the money you deserve.

As an emerging trend, YouEconomy showcases companies that lead the way in entrepreneurship, such as Uber, Etsy and Nerium. Get the latest issue of YouEconomy featuring Nerium International at

There’s a new way to work that’s taking over the world, and it starts with YOU!


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