Welcome to Colombia

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Welcome to Colombia

With the exciting launch of Nerium International into Colombia, we want all Brand Partners to be well informed of what to expect when traveling to any city in Colombia. Here are a few travel tips to keep in mind!

The main airport in Colombia is “El Dorado” where all international flights and local big cities connect. There is a secondary airport (Puente Aereo) where local flights connect the smaller non-metropolitan cities. When traveling within the country use Avianca as your airline.

Our currency is Colombian pesos (COP), we do not accept U.S. dollars. Nevertheless, you would be able to exchange currencies in the airport. Visa and MasterCard are the most used and accepted credit cards. American Express and Discover are sometimes not accepted at establishments. Check with your credit card company before traveling to see if there are any additional charges for using your credit card outside of the country. It is also helpful to give your credit card company a travel notice so your card is not suspected of fraudulent charges while traveling.

Emergency phone number: Dial 123

  • To call Colombia from other countries dial 001 57 + city code
  • Bogota: 1 / Medellin: 4 / Cali: 2 / Barranquilla: 5 / Bucaramanga: 7

With any travel, we recommend that you carry a second form of government identification in case your license or passport becomes lost. Make sure that someone back home has a copy of your identification as well. Also keep a list of your medications and your “In Case of Emergency” contact information on a notecard inside your wallet to make it easy to find should you need medical attention while on your trip.

As always, check the weather when packing for your trip. The temperature varies throughout the country.

When taking a cab, please book your transportation through the concierge in your hotel lobby, Uber or download the “tappsi” app.

Be aware of your surroundings – the streets are busy and you do not want to stand out as a tourist; we recommend going hands-free when using your phone in the streets.

For more information about traveling in Colombia, visit colombia.travel/en or lonelyplanet.com/colombia.


The Colombian Team



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